Mt Indigo

Mt Indigo is a music project I have been working on for the past three years. I also designed the cover art, website, and made a found footage intro video. I wrapped the project in a loose backstory involving the mysterious Mt Indigo Institute, based on 70's sci-fi & cult films, and governmental conspiracy lore.

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For the Mt Indigo project, I wanted a calm dark website, something that would evoke the feeling of swimming at night under the moon and stars.

Album artwork.

The music.

As a way to quickly preview songs, I came up with the idea for an overview video for The Mt Indigo Institute. I made the video as if it were a long-lost recruiting video, informing viewers about the history of the Institute plus career opportunities. I chopped, sliced, diced, and layered "found footage" from hundreds of old films on into a somewhat coherent backstory. Various 20-30 second bits of the Mt Indigo songs play over the video.

The Mt Indigo website is a single page. I strived for simplicity, immediacy, and impact. There is not a whole lot to distract the viewer from the content - music, video, and a bit of backstory to build interest and curiosity. The top of the page ties in with the album artwork, but has a fairly complicated parallax scrolling animation that brings it to life.

The Mt Indigo website is built using Responsive Design, which means that when viewed using portable devices such as tablets and phones, the design responds to the size of the viewport and scales appropriately, sometimes shifting elements around to make more sense on smaller screens. In this case, some of the parallax animation design had to be curtailed for smaller devices.