Akin Images

AkinImages.com is a website I designed and built for photographer, Rebecca Akin.

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When designing a website for an artist, the focus should be on the art. The task in this case is to simply to showcase the client's content, without any distractions or overpowering design elements. I made a clean and functional site, also integrated with WordPress CMS so Rebecca could eventually update her own content as needed.

The Home page. A simple style with straightforward menu, description of the site, and a rotating carousel of a 3-4 choice images to entice the viewer to dive deeper into Rebecca's portfolio.

A project page. A simple grid style showcasing all images in that category at once. The user clicks on an image to bring up the lightbox.

A single image viewed in the lightbox mode.

AkinImages.com is built using Responsive Design, which means that when viewed using portable devices such as tablets and phones, the design responds to the size of the viewport and scales appropriately, sometimes shifting elements around to make more sense on smaller screens.